Friday, April 6, 2012

Turkish charity helps the poor in Vietnam

(Video Duration: 1 min. 3 secs.)

Logo: Kimse Yok Mu
Inspired by ideas of Fethullah Gulen, "Is Anybody There" which is a friend of those in need has reached out to the other end of the world to deliver the sacrificial meat by Turkish donors to people in Vietnam regardless of wether they are Muslims or non-Muslims. The Turkish NGO reminded the Vietnamese that they were not neglected as they performed the sacrifice.

The residents of an asylum for the old, handicapped and orphans had a first time experience when "Is Anybody There" arrived to visit them with the giveaways.

The volunteers of the NGO had long conversations with the residents of the asylum and were escorted by a Vietnamese official of the Aid Office when they donated meat to show the residents that someone, indeed, cared about them.

3.5 tons of sacrificial meat delivered in Vietnam was reported in the Vietnamese media. 400 animals in Indonesia, 390 in Burma, 350 in Cambodia were sacrificed.

Also, the Turkish NGO, which helped build a school in the Cyclone Sidr disaster area, went to Bangladesh to give the poor sacrificial meat. The executives of the NGO gave the honorary consular Selahaddin Kasim Han a plaque. Kasim Han has been the honorary consular of Turkiye to Bangladesh for more than 20 years.