Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Fethullah Gulen's Ideals & Gulen Movement's Mission - An overview

(Video Duration: 11 mins. 21 secs.)

Fethullah Gulen is an authoritative mainstream Turkish Muslim scholar, thinker, author, poet, opinion leader and educational activist who supports interfaith and intercultural dialogue, science, democracy and spirituality and opposes violence and turning religion into a political ideology. Fethullah Gülen promotes cooperation of civilizations toward a peaceful world, as opposed to a clash:

“Be so tolerant that your bosom becomes wide like the ocean. Become inspired with faith and love of human beings. Let there be no troubled souls to whom you do not offer a hand and about whom you remain unconcerned.”
Fethullah Gülen, (Criteria or Lights of the Way.)

Fethullah Gulen's ideals and perspectives, and Gulen Movement's mission are presented in this brief documentary: