Monday, April 2, 2012

Gulen Movement & Fethullah Gulen praised in Egypt conference

Video Duration: (1 min. 13 secs.)

The capital of Egypt hosted a conference titled Cultural Traditions of the East: From Antiquity to the Globalization. Russian, German, France, Turkish, and Austrian intellectuals attended the conference. The attendants talked about the Gulen Movement such as peace messages and activities which will make an end to the clashes between the cultures.

At the conference organized by the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Foreign Ministry of Russia under the leadership of the Russian Orient Institute, main subject was the missions of the Gulen Movement which brought the messages of peace to make an end to the clashes between the cultures.

Tatyana Filipova of Rodina journal published in Russia said the Gulen Movement taught people how to coexist and how to practice religion in the modern world.

"Gulen is now known by all the historians, and men of thoughts and culture in Russia. Gulen is showing how to practice religion in the modern world. We're planning many editorials about Gulen who has a constructive and guiding life."

Professor Dervish from Zagazig University of Egypt who is known with his researches on Fethullah Gulen who was elected world's top public intellectual by the Foreign Policy Magazine.

Prof. Willie Augustat-President of the EU From Culture to Peace Institution said: "The aim of this movement is to unite people who believe in the same God. For the last two centuries the Islam world has been deeply affected by the West's economic and cultural attacks. This movement tries finding the real ID of the Islam World."

At the conference sponsored by Dialog Eurasia a power point presentation on Fethullah Gulen was presented and the chronological order of Turkish Schools drew attention.