Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Gulen Movement & Fethullah Gulen analyzed by Reuters

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Fethullah Gulen
Fethullah Gulen
In a lengthy article published by Reuters, the Gulen Movement was analyzed and Fethullah Gulen was described as a Muslim scholar who advocates a moderate Islam rooted in modern life, and whose teachings have inspired millions to forge a powerful socio-religious community active in publishing, charity and above all education.

In the article, Reuters say Gulen has a reputation abroad as a Muslim who preaches tolerance and engagement with other faiths and that the movement has built up a network of some 800 schools around the world, teaching a full curriculum focusing on science and technology, as well as encouraging pupils to aim high.

Kerim Balci, a columnist for Today's Zaman said that "Fethullah Gulen is the first person in the history of Turkish Islamic thought who realized that the world is changing".

The articles points at tha the first Gulen school opened in 1982 and as the number of his followers increased, so have the schools. There are now about 300 schools, night schools and a university in Turkiye. Schools have also opened across Central Asia.

His supporters say he has no political ambitions and backs the division of state and religion -- but his critics think otherwise.

Nevertheless, people within the Gulen community dismiss such views as paranoid and alarmist, arguing they have no secret agenda.

The article added that G├╝len's readiness to interact with other faiths took him to a meeting with Pope John Paul II in Rome in 1998 and that he has also met Jewish and Orthodox leaders.