Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Fethullah Gulen & Gulen Movement conferences

(Video Duration: 1 min. 47 secs.)

Fethullah Gulen
Fethullah Gulen
Fethullah Gulen has become one of the best known scholars. Gulen's books have been translated into many languages. Opening ceremonies are held for the Gulen Chairs at universities for his interfaith dialog struggles.

Conferences on Gulen and his movement are held at institutes all around the world. And the educational volunteers who are inspired by Gulen have become themes to be evaluated in important organizations.

Rik Coolsaet - Royal Institute for International Relations (Brussels)says:
The Gulen movement has an original structure which addresses the development of personal traits and encourages the unification of the parts of the society. There comes out a collective identity from these beautiful traits. The movement stresses education; therefore no one is left behind in the society. The movement also aims for interfaith dialog between civilizations.

This life style which brings tolerance and dialog is welcomed wherever the volunteers go. Academics have put Gulen's understanding of Islam and his contributions to peace under the microscope.
Richard Penaskovic - the US, Academician says:
"Gulen sees peace in the distance where American Political Scientist Samuel Huntington sees clashes. When Huntington is pessimistic on the relationship between Islam and the West, Gulen speaks to optimism and hope."

Fr. Thomas Michel - Vatican Director of Islamic Studies says:
I'm a Christian not a Muslim but love and peace that Fethullah Gulen talks about are also concepts that I known from my religious experiences. I must say that it is the same God who taught these values to Christians and Muslims. Therefore, it is so natural that we should be in dialog.

The western world has striking remarks about the Turkish schools all over the world.
William Park - GB, University of London says:
"The Gulen movement has become a transnational faith-based actor originating from Turkiye with a universal educational and interfaith agenda leading to new international elite. The movement also contributs positively to the relations between the states."

These remarks signal that Gulen's thoughts and his world perception will continue to receive much attention. Gulen's becoming number one among the 100 intellectuals who are living and still active in public life is referred as an important indicator.