Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Gulen Movement: A Dynamic Muslim Movement for Service & Education

(Video Duration: 2 mins. 40 secs.)

Fr. Thomas Michel
Fr. Thomas Michel
Marywood University and The Golden Generation Retreat Center of Scranton Pennsylvania recently hosted a program entitled "Gulen Movement: A Dynamic Muslim Movement for Service and Education". Fr. Thomas Michel, Director of the Jesuits' Office for Inter-religious Dialogue was the keynote speaker. The event took place at the Marywood University Hall in Scranton.

The seminar started with Father Michel telling about his background and how he served in different parts of the world to promote dialogue. When he was asked how was introduced to Turkish culture and the Fethullah Gulen Movement he spoke about how he studied in Turkiye.

Father Michel also spoke about how he came across Gulen movement schools while serving in Indonesia Zamboanga .

He indicated that the region is not safe but when he came across "The Phillipino Turkish School of Tolerance," he was surprised to see such an organization in a place where tolerance is not very common.

The Reverend said in this particular school 50 percent of the students are Muslim-Christian and teachers are also from divsersified backgrounds.

Upon some questions from the audiences he tried to explain how Gulen Movement schools work around the world. He mentioned the School in Northern Iraq where most of the clashes take place nowadays.

One audience member asked about how the movement is funded where Rev. Michel easily answered.

At the end of the conference various questions from dialogue in Christianity to Abrahamic religions were answered by Father Michel.

Marywood college President Sister Ann Munley also delivered a short speech in the event.

Closing remarks were made by Golden Retreat Center President Bekir Aksoy.