Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Love of the Prophet in Fethullah Gulen's sufism

(Video Duration: 1 min 12 secs)

Zeki Saritoprak of John Carroll University presents his paper which focuses on love of Prophet in Fethullah Gulen’s life, thought, and mysticism through an academic approach. After discussing briefly major predecessors of Gulen in this regard from early periods, Saritoprak examine Gulen’s own writings including his description of the “Infinite Light”, Prophet Muhammad.

The international conference “The G├╝len Movement: Paradigms, Projects, and Aspirations” took place on November 11-13, 2010 at International House at University of Chicago. The conference was designed to encourage scholarly research into the questions regarding Gulen Movement. It was interdisciplinary in nature so that the work of the conference could begin to draw important connections between analyses of the movement from the perspectives of disciplines such as: theology, religious studies, cultural studies, sociology, anthropology, urban studies, literature, history, philosophy, law, psychology, economics, political science, and international relations, as well as many others.