Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Joel Rainey Reflects on Gulen Movement's Cross-Cultural Contributions and Anti-Violence Stance

(Video Duration: 3 mins 20 sec)

Director of missions for the Mid-Maryland Baptist Association Joel Rainey speaks at the 4th Annual Dialogue Dinner hosted by Maryland Turkish American Inhabitants (MARTI).

Based on his first-hand observations during the intercultural dialogue trip by MARTI to Turkey, Rainey shares the insights he has gained as to what is being achieved in that part of the world in the name of dialogue and what characterize Gulen Movement and, as Baltimore diverse faith communities, how they can benefit from them. Additionally, seeing the firm stance of the Muslims in the region in general and the Gulen Movement participants in particular against Islam’s association with violence, Rainey regrettably concludes faith is misused but people of faith can overcome the misunderstandings and assumptions it creates by listening to each other.

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