Friday, September 7, 2012

Culture of Coexistence

(Video Duration: 4 mins. 52 secs.)

We’re now one global family. As a matter of fact, we’ve always been one human family, sons of daughters of same parents, Adam and Eve.

The awareness and commitment of serving all people regardless of race, color, religion or nationality…

Growing numbers of volunteers are establishing schools, hospitals, dialogue centers and relief organizations around the world.

The humble selfless efforts of these volunteers, inspired by thinkers like Fethullah Gulen, are now yielding fruits of dialogue in more than 130 countries. Children of warring nations are receiving education side by side. Members of different religions are sharing from the same table, praying for peaceful future.

Let us step forward and cherish togetherness as one global human family. Let us believe in the God given power of being human, and raise generations who are aware of their value.