Thursday, April 3, 2014

Religious Leaders Discuss Interfaith Dialogue After 9/11

(Video Duration: 3 min 46 secs)

Ten years after 9/11, community and religious leaders acknowledge that more needs to be done to promote understanding between different religious communities in the US. Speakers at the "Into the Light", multifaith conversation at Princeton University on Thursday included a Sikh American filmmaker, a Rabbi, an Imam and a Presbyterian minister.

The event organized by Peace Islands Institute (formerly Interfaith Dialog Center), Princeton University and two other groups began with Rabbi Justus Baird pointing out that 9/11 affected people from many nations and faiths.

Filmmaker Valarie Kaur said that 9/11 changed life for Sikh Americans like herself forever.

Kaur said because of their appearance, Sikh Americans were put on the defensive and were unable to grieve in the aftermath of the tragedy like other Americans.

Imam Sohaib Sultan said after 9/11 the Muslim community was forced to open up and launch a public relations campaign in the US.

Sultan said tens years later more than 50 percent of Americans still have a negative view of Islam.

The consenus at the event was that religious leaders and communities have a to play a bigger role in creating a multifaith conversation especially due to the mistrust generated post-9/11.

Participants said they were heartened to see the efforts being made towards that goal.

Source: Ebru News