Friday, June 28, 2013

Fethullah Gulen Calls for Unity and Friendship

(Video Duration: 1 min. 9 secs.)

Fethullah Gulen has always been an ardent advocate of peace no matter what issue, country or region is in question. Specifically, on the Kurdish issue, which is constantly high on agenda in Turkey, Gulen explicitly repeats his call for dialogue and education in resolution of the problems. According to Gulen, friendly relations between the people of the region will help restore past unity and peace the region enjoyed, which resonates with the opinion leaders and businessmen involved in the resolution of the problems.

Kurdish question has been a persisting problem that both the state and NGOs have made every effort to address for years now. Fethullah Gulen has contributed both through his peaceful and insightful messages, and through the Gulen Movement he has inspired which has been established various institutions ranging from schools to business associations in the region. As argued by many academics and authorities, these initiatives are remarkably facilitating the process in the long run.

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