Thursday, February 14, 2013

Fethullah Gulen on Love and Valentine's Day

(Video Duration: 1 min. 14 secs.)

Q: What do you think about the Valentine's Day?

A: Love is a universal fact. There are various manifestations of love in different platforms. None of the versions of love is despicable. We might talk about aimless, purposeless or pointless types of love. If someone treats his/her family with love, if s/he treats his/her children with love, if s/he treats his/her parents with love, if s/he feels love for God or humanity,
if s/he treats the nature with love -we have two environmentalists with us right now-, if s/he treats everything and beyond with love and tolerance, then it means the goal is achieved. But that love in figurative sense of the word can sometimes be between the opposite sexes. But the point is that love shouldn't be aimless or pointless. It shouldn't be an adventure or whim. But that is up to them.

Q: A special question for you: Have you ever celebrated the Valentine's Day?

A: Since I have always spent my life like the Valentine's Day, since no day passed in my life without love, I have never celebrated such a day as if I have just found it.

Thank you very much.

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