Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fethulah Gulen Trial explained in Frankfurt Book Fair

(Video Duration: 58 mins. 11 secs.)

Dr. James C. Harrington
James C. Harrington, Ph.D.
Harrington, who was a guest at the Frankfurt Book Fair to his book "(In)dependent judiciary - The trial of Fethullah Gulen during democratization of Turkey" sign gives an interesting insight into the hitherto little explored judicial proceedings against Fethullah Gulen.

Fethullah Gulen's trial process was clearly politically motivated:

The procedure was first prepared through a dirty media campaign against Fethullah Gulen. The Turkish media have written many untruths about the scholars and the movement initiated by him and disseminated in order to move him in a bad light. The deep state and the judiciary, which was then dominated by people who were close to the military, would have seen in the movement of a threat to the existing system. For the movement have contributed to democratization in Turkey and those ahead. "This has alarmed many. However, we had nothing in his hand, to pull him out of circulation. Therefore, the prosecution accused him of absurd things. The process was clearly politically motivated. "

Harrington measures the last ten years in Turkey to a historical significance: "Between 2002 and 2010, the process of democratization in Turkey made great progress. The existing system could be in danger of disappearing. Especially the serious efforts of the new government to implement the EU accession has led to many changes that you would not expect in this form and can radicalism. On balance, both the procedure itself, as well as the eight years that included the process, contributing to a more democratic Turkey. In this period, people have developed a sense for a civil society. Equally, in terms of religion and freedom of expression, there have been important advances that have led to a rethink. A large share of this is not least the case against Gülen. For me, a truly amazing story, and probably also for Turkey, something that might have been of historic proportions "

"(In)dependent judiciary - The trial of Fethullah Gülen in the course of democratization in Turkey" is the second book about the life and work of Gülen, in the newly formed Main-Danube-publishing appeared, the publisher was extremely pleased with the response. . During the show had been sold nearly 5000 copies, a spokesman. During the book launch, the author had no fewer than 1,500 copies sign personally.

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